The best way to get upfront parking spots all the time!

One way to handle parking problems. We use youtube videos in America.

PR Cinnamon

Bad parking; more annoying than reaching for an empty OJ carton at 7am or seeing your new shoes go in the sale the week after you bought them.


We have all probably committed this crime once up on a time, but there is no need for those horrendous repeat offenders who make our lives that little bit more difficult. So, to help restrain our fiery rage there is now an app that names and shames Moscow’s worst parkers; Parking Douche.

The app allows users to capture a shot of the appalling parking and upload it to Parking Douche where it is shared with friends, neighbours and people near where the shot was taken. The app aims to embarrass and expose careless parkers and shame them into a life of obedient parking.

We think this is a really clever campaign that draws attention to a big issue in Moscow and has actually made douche…

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